Solarize Peekskill

Solarize Peekskill is a unique discount buying program that uses town-supported education and outreach and a competitively selected installer to offer quality solar electric systems to homeowners and commercial property owners at a reduced cost. The program ended for homeowners on June 16. Commercial property owners can sign up until July 31 and have until October to sign a contract.

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“The City of Peekskill is excited to participate as one of three selected Westchester communities for the 2017 Solarize Westchester solar energy campaign. Through this collaborative outreach campaign, ‘Solarize Peekskill’ will directly connect City residents and business owners with solar industry leaders in order to gain information and access to the financial benefits of alternative energy through group purchasing.
The ‘Solarize Peekskill’ program will complement current City efforts focused on sustainability and progressive action. On behalf of the Common Council, Peekskill looks forward to working with Solarize Westchester over the next twelve weeks.”
–Mayor Frank Catalina, City of Peekskill

“Solarize Peekskill presents an exciting opportunity for residents and local business to explore solar energy systems. In my experience, the Solarize Westchester program provides valuable information session and technical assistance to interested participants in order to realize tangible financial and environmental benefits. As City Manager, it is my pleasure to welcome Solarize Westchester, and I look forward to a successful campaign.”
–City Manager Richard A. Leins, City of Peekskill

Solarize Peekskill launched on March 15!

Solarize Peekskill hosted its highly successful Launch Event Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at the Peekskill Field Library to kick off the City’s participation in the Sustainable Westchester solar energy campaign. The event featured welcoming presentations by the City, Sustainable Westchester, and the selected residential (Ross Solar) and commercial (Sunrise Solar Solutions) installer teams. Audience attendance hovered near 50 with noted public members including Mayor Catalina, Council member Talbot, City Manager Leins, representation from Legislator Borgia’s office, the Core Team, Peekskill Parks Advisory Board, former Peekskill Mayor Foster, and former Council member Torres. Overall, the event highlighted the environmental and economic benefits to solar energy and featured Peekskill residents’ testimonials about their solar successes. To conclude the evening, nearly 20 residential and three commercial solar site visits were scheduled with Ross Solar and Sunrise Solar Solutions, respectively! Coupled with previous sign-ups, more than 50 property owners have said ‘yes’ to learning more about ‘going solar.’
Video of the event can be viewed at